Types of home loans


When carrying out a real estate project, a household can call on many sources of financing. Different types of home loans are available to him depending on his situation, his standard of living and his project.

In the case of a project for the acquisition of the main residence , the household can claim financial aid from the State, if it meets the conditions for obtaining it. The optimization of the financing can also take place thanks to the financial criteria of the real estate loans and the complementary loans which are proposed to him.

In the case of the purchase of a rental residence , the borrower personalizes his financing to meet his investment strategy.

In the case of the acquisition of a second home , the borrower seeks to optimize his financing by favoring all the advantages of a mortgage.

Types of bank mortgages

Bank loans are the most common financing that almost all financial organizations are able to distribute. This financing is allocated for any type of real estate project: acquisition of a main, secondary or rental residence.

The depreciable loan

The depreciable loan is the most common in France. The monthly payment paid by the borrower amortizes part of the capital borrowed and reimburses the interest on the mortgage. At the last due date, the loan is fully repaid. Learn more about the depreciable loan .

It is granted without any income condition and allows you to open the rights to APL and to finance the entire accommodation. Find out more about the agreed loan .

It helps a first-time buyer household to access the property. The PTZ is focused on the financing of new properties but it can also finance old properties in certain cases. It is a complementary loan to financing, the borrower can claim it if he meets the conditions linked to it.

The beneficiaries of the PEL are households wishing to carry out a real estate project for their main residence. It is accessible to everyone, provided they have a Housing Savings Plan or a Housing Savings Account (CEL). Find out more about the housing savings loan .

The housing action loan

The objective of the housing action loan is to finance part of the main residence of an employee borrower. The employee and the employer must meet conditions for the implementation of this type of financing. Find out more about the housing action loan .

The financial characteristics represent levers for optimizing financing. They adapt according to the situation, the standard of living and the project of the borrower.

The fixed rate loan

The borrower knows the monthly payment of his loan from the start. Learn more about the fixed rate loan .

The adjustable rate loan

The borrower’s monthly payment varies over time according to a benchmark. Many adjustable-rate loan formulas have been developed to protect borrowers from rate increases and give them real attractiveness

The guaranteed loan

The guaranteed loan allows the borrower to call on a surety organization to guarantee his mortgage. Learn more about the guaranteed loan .

The smoothed loan or loan with repayment levels

The smoothing of loans corresponds to the arrangement of the repayments of a real estate loan compared to the repayments of other loans to have an almost equal monthly payment throughout the financing. Learn more about the smoothed loan .

The borrower can choose to increase his repayments or decrease them within the limits of the ceilings set in his loan offers. Find out more about the flexible loan

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