How to make 1 crore in 5 years through an SIP? Know here


Making 1 crore in 5 years is an ambitious goal, but with a wellthoughtout plan, dedication and consistency, it is achievable. Various components such as capital appreciation, compounding, and a rupee cost averaging approach come together to create a successful strategy. Combining all these features, an SIP investment (systematic investment plan) can provide an ideal strategy for making your dream of reaching the 1 crore benchmark a reality.

However, to make the most of your SIP investment, you need to have both a comprehensive plan as well as the dedication to stick with it. With this in mind, let’s look at what strategies you need for initiating and maintaining SIP investments that can help you reach 1 crore in 5 years.

Step 1: Calculate how much you need to invest consistently

The amount of money you need to invest each month depends primarily on three things – your investment budget, time frame, and the rate of return that you hope to achieve.

You can use an easy-to-use tool like an SIP calculator to quickly figure out how much you need to invest each month to reach 1 crore without much difficulty. Simply enter the monthly investment amount, duration, and the expected rate of return (this will vary depending on where you choose to invest).

Let’s understand better with an example: If you invest approximately Rs. 1.23 lakhs per month with an expected return of 12%, then at the end of five years, your total investments will amount to approximately Rs. 73 lakhs that will grow to approximately Rs. 1 crore.

Due to its flexibility, intuitive interface, and instant calculations, most experts recommend using an SIP calculator for making informed mutual fund investment decisions.

Step 2 – Choose the right mutual fund

When selecting a mutual fund for SIP investing, consider its past performance, expense ratio, fund manager, and its current reputation among investors. You should also look for funds that are low-cost and have good liquidity options, diversified portfolios and experienced fund managers.

Step 3 – Start an SIP and enable auto payment

After selecting a suitable mutual fund for your investment needs, settle on an amount that you can comfortably afford each month. You can even create a standing instruction for that specific amount to be automatically deducted from your bank account towards your SIP instalments at the specified date via different payment methods available at most banks today.

Step 4 – Monitor your investments closely and step up your SIP (if needed)

Do not just invest in SIP plans and forget about them. Keep track of how your SIPs are performing by monitoring their progress regularly and adjusting your investments accordingly if needed. You can step up your SIPs as well if needed and increase your contribution periodically.

Also, make sure that your risk appetite matches with the risk profile of the scheme you have chosen. This will help ensure that any losses incurred are kept within acceptable limits – while still providing opportunities for gains due to compounded returns generated by regular investments over the long term.

To sum up

With regularinvesting and smart financial choices, it is possible to make 1 crore in 5 years through an SIP. However, the key to success here lies in beginning early, being consistent with the SIPs and, most importantly, keeping track of your progress towards your goal. With discipline and a commitment to your financial goals, you can certainly attain this challenging yet achievable target.

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