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What is the role of a lawyer in business law?

The role of a business law lawyer within a company is to defend the interests of his company, monitor the regulations and advise the various departments on current projects, thanks to his legal knowledge. The business law lawyer is also known as a group lawyer, business lawyer, contract lawyer, legal affairs officer or legal manager.

What are the missions of a lawyer in business law?

The missions of the lawyer in business law are varied and affect several areas within the company. He is constantly on the watch in terms of the law and he must inform himself of developments in order to apply the modifications within his company. Thanks to his knowledge, he is able to assess whether a project is risky, and guides the various departments to develop a good strategy while ensuring compliance with legislation. He is in charge of litigation cases (responses to disputes, summonses, contacts with lawyers, etc.). He plays an advisory role for all operational staff (legal issues, recommendations, regulations, etc.) and draws up legal documents such as: – CNIL requests – Protection of intellectual property

In addition, the business law lawyer deals with the drafting and monitoring of contracts, for customers, suppliers, or partners. Depending on the size of the company for which he works, the business law lawyer may be called upon to carry out more or less extensive missions.

What is the salary of a business lawyer?

Several factors influence the salary. Indeed, the number of years of experience, seniority or even the structure of the company are parameters that determine the level of remuneration.

The remuneration of a business law lawyer is between €25,000 and €80,000. (More salary information: Robert Half Salary Guide

What are the skills and qualities required for a lawyer in business law?

Perfect knowledge of business law

Master the jurisprudence and the regulations of the country

Perfect ability to interpret the law (regulations, laws, etc.)

Thorough knowledge of internet tools and legal databases

Good knowledge of IT tools

Fluency in English is highly appreciated

Good analytical and synthesis skills

Have good interpersonal and editorial skills

Be curious and have a taste for the day before

What training to become a lawyer in business law?

A lawyer in business law has generally followed a university course and obtained a master’s degree (bac +5) in business law with a specialization in accounting/business management or a diploma from a management school with a specialization in business law. business. This position is open to young graduates, but it is advisable to have experience (internship, work-study).

What are the career prospects for a business lawyer?

The business law lawyer can progress to the position of head of a legal department, director of a legal department or teacher of law. He can also become a lawyer in business law provided he passes the certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer (CAPA).

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