What are the benefits of Cerakote that you must know about?


Cerakote is one of the many numerous firms that Coating Systems works with to create industrial coatings that are long-lasting and protective. Cerakote is a company that produces a ceramic gun coating that significantly improves the resistance of a handgun to wear and corrosion. In order to lengthen the useful life of knives, hand tools, eyewear, as well as other items, this coating should be applied to them.

As is the case with the majority of the coatings that we stock here at Coating Systems, Cerakote provides better resistance to oxidation as well as corrosion, greater resistance to impact as well as chipping, and improved overall performance. In addition to these performance enhancements, Cerakote coatings are available in a wide range of colors and designs, which enables enthusiasts of firearms to personalize their firearms in accordance with their preferences.

Why Should You Choose Cerakote High-Temperature Coatings?

Cerakote high-temperature coatings offer eight distinct variations in ceramic technology, a variety of on-trend color options, increased toughness, and durability, durability against abrasion, as well as protection from heat, wear, as well as corrosion. They are the remedy for items with tight tolerances that really are unworkable for thick paints, construction chemicals, as well as plasma sprays. Coatings of a specialized kind can be used to provide moving parts with a low coefficient of friction and enable them to lubricate themselves. Other considerations include resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UV) for use in outdoor environments as well as heat management. Coatings made of cerakote are perfect for use on surfaces, whether decorative or practical, indoors or outdoors, where aesthetics are important.

The rifle must first be disassembled before the Cerakote procedure can begin; simply field-stripping it is not sufficient. During the training that Cerakote coatings provide, the company stresses how important it is to disassemble the handgun in its entirety before applying the coating. The parts of the firearms are degreased, and then they are subjected to a garnet sandblast to guarantee that no oils are left behind on any surfaces. Because any residual oils that are left on the gun could cause problems only with coating, further care needs to be taken to ensure that the firearm is completely free of any oils.

After the removal of all oils has been completed without incident, an HVLP spray gun is used to apply the Cerakote finish. To guarantee that the coating is applied at the appropriate thickness, one needs to have both skill and finesse. When there is too much finish, it causes problems with the way the firearm functions. After the coating has been placed, every metal component goes through an oven curing process at a temperature of 250 degrees, whilst polymer components go through an oven curing process at temperatures ranging from 150 to 180 degrees.

Examination of Abrasion

Once again, weapons coated with Cerakote were able to outlive their competitors by a wide margin in an abrasion test. Again, the typical bluing coating had a very disappointing overall performance. In point of fact, the performance of Cerakote was so high that it was able to withstand abrasion for over half again as long as its closest rival.

Cerakote is a technique that requires gun owners to hand over their firearms to a custom shop in order for the coating to be applied. This is the case unless the firearm is purchased from the company directly with a Cerakote coating already applied. The expense of cerakoting, in addition to the amount of time that must be spent away from the pistol, is another reason that prohibits some gun owners from achieving a color other than the default black. Even a simple flat color can add several hundred dollars to the cost of a firearm; nevertheless, the style and complexity of the design are the primary factors that determine the cost of the firearm.

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