How to choose the best air compressor


The Air compressor has a vast application across different industries, and they work more effectively than electric power tools. The functional process of this machine is also very different from other systems. Air compressor does not convert one form of energy to another at the point of application. It converts power into energy in the form of pressurized air. Multiple purposes of this system make it a very useful addition to any business. It helps in powering small appliances and in substantial industrial applications. Find the best air compressor supplier and buy the right one for your business.

Application of air compressor:

Compressed air has many applications, including piston displacement, producing high-speed jets, and more. These air compressors are also classified into low-pressure compressors with 150 psi discharge pressure, medium pressure from 150 to 1000 psi discharge pressure, and high-pressure compressors with 1000 psi.

Besides, we also divide the compressor into positive displacement and dynamic positive displacement. Here, air trapped in a chamber meets the required amount, and the volume is also reduced to increase the pressure before the discharge. Rotary screws, reciprocating compressors, and vane are an example of air compressor devices.

A few things you need to consider for choosing the best air compressor are mentioned below.

Grades of air compressor:

The grades define the capacity and the application of an air compressor system. You must check the grades when you buy the system for the best air compressor supplier.

Consumer Grade:

These compressors are small in size and portable, perfect for using houses or small garages for inflating tires. These systems use pistons, and they can deal with low pressures. You will not get a continuous flow of air, and it also has the risk of overheating.

Industrial grade:

These machines are designed for industrial use, and they can also have a durable design that can run in any rough environment. So, compressors are used for long-term applications in areas like a factory, ships, and oil rigs.

Single and two-stage compressors:

Single-staged applications have smaller applications since they come up with low capacity which helps in airbrushing applications. You can even buy its larger models that have a small storage tank for storing compressed air. When it is about a two-staged compressor, you will get a bigger size. The system compresses air twice, and the storage tank increases up to 200 gallons. These big machines have technologies that can reduce input power consumption. They are great for manufacturing industries.

Compressor capacity:

Here are a few important terms that you must check before buying an air compressor. The most common ones, are

HP: horsepower which defines the power output of a compressor.

PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch measures the pressure of that air output, and it also measures the compressor ability.

CFM: the pressure amount in Cubic Feet per Minute

Tank size: larger tank size can keep higher PSI for a longer duration.

Duty cycle:

The duty cycle of an industrial compressor is mostly 75% to 100%. It is all about the number of minutes the compressor functions every 10 minutes.

Power Source of the compressor:

The power source of a compressor can be either electricity or gas. Electric compressors are common and work perfectly with your regular electric supply. The compressors that work on petrol or diesel are perfect for outdoor application, and these compressors have a durable design that withstands rough weather conditions.


Stationary compressors are used for industrial purposes, and they are large in size. These machines also need proper installation.  With higher horsepower and great storage capacity, they offer uninterrupted usage. When you opt for a portable compressor, they are small and light. Contractors generally use them because they are small and portable, and they can easily move these systems.


Two types of control users can choose. With the fixed speed control, the compressor has a constant speed. With variable speed, you can adjust the speed of the compressor.

Moisture maintenance:

Your system needs an air dryer that removes water vapor and other particles from the compressed air. It keeps the system protected from contamination, corrosion, and control malfunctions.

Life expectancy:

When you are buying an air compressor system, you must pay attention to the quality instead of concentrating only on the price. When it is about a high-quality compressor, it is costly but it will last long.

Future service:

Future service is equally important. So, you need an experienced air compressor supplier that will offer you the required services whenever you need them. Good support is one of the most required things to keep the system in proper functioning.

If you need any help, the Complete Engineered Solution will help you meet your demands. No matter what machine you have, the company will give you complete support to keep your system in perfect condition. They have skilled and experienced technicians who are aware of all important details.

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